Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spring Lust

So over the past few months, I've become consumed with certain trends.  These are my must have's (or must create) for Spring;

Elin Kling's neck ring design created for H&M (only sold in Sweden, which is a huge disappointment).. but I'm dead set on finding a similar design. 

White blazer. I've been unlucky finding this perfect little number.. the ones I do seem to stumble across are either embellished with something, or cropped WAY too short.. one day soon I will have the perfect white blazer.

Crystal bullet necklace. I've found a couple designs on Etsy, but alas all others found via interweb are WAY out of my price range... I foresee a DIY project on the way...

CABLE KNIT SHORTS. Best creation ever made in my opinion. You get the comfort, the style, and the warmth!! Urban is selling a fantastic pair priced at $138 (ouch) which I cannot justify. I'm needing to find a pair of skilled knitting hands to make me my own custom pair!!

Ear Cuffs. Adorned in their own right.. and just plain cool. I haven't seen anything quite like these ones, however. 

A leather bustier. So simple & sexy. Paired with high-waisted patterned drop crotch pants.. how could you go wrong?

Candy colored oxfords. So cute, and so fitting for spring/summer months.

Black lipstick. I love the severity of this look when paired with camel/nude pieces.

Leather shorts. I don't really think it's necessary for me to explain why I need a pair of these.

Jeffrey Campbell's Litas. The perfect combination of tough & feminine... can be worn with practically anything. 

Velvet dress. I've already a pair of leggings that I wear way too often. I could live & breath in velvet for the rest of my life!

Turbans, turbans, turbans! These head accessories are so fantastic. Especially while you're trying to grow out your fringe like I am at the moment. Or if you're just plain having a bad hair day. 

What are your favorite trends at the moment? 


Julia said...

Oh, I agree. Your favourite trends are almost the same as mine.
But in addition, I like platform shoes, flower dresses and - of course - changes in style.

Amy said...

Ah, I forgot to add those! :D

Joanna said...

omg! I love every piece! but I really love the knit shorts sooooo cute!!! I want one!


Generally im against trends, but i do agree black lipstick or nailpolish looks great with soft pastels.